ECHO Finance manages a series of Venture and Venture Debt funds.

ECHO Venture Funds


NATURE OF FINANCING: Convertible Bridge Loan

INDUSTRY: Medical Diagnostics

BUSINESS OVERVIEW: Developed and brought to market two non-invasive tests that accurately measure in real time how effectively the liver is removing toxins from the blood stream.

WHY WE DID IT: To delay HepQuant’s next equity raise until the completion of the chemistry, manufacturing, and control and premarket approval application with the FDA which should set a different pricing dynamic for the equity likely resulting in a significantly higher pre-money valuation for the next round. 

COMPANY: Senscio Systems, Inc.


INDUSTRY: Medical Technology

BUSINESS OVERVIEW: Provides dynamic daily care to seniors with chronic illness(s) by leveraging Senscio’s remove US based human resources and artificial intelligence platform.

WHY WE DID IT: To identify and onboard members from Senscio’s initial pipeline while scaling up staff in line with member and revenue growth. The investment was structured with an installment schedule trigged by patient numbers & business milestones. Also, received a 40% tax credit.


NATURE OF FINANCING: Convertible Debt with Warrants

INDUSTRY: Online Insurance Agent

BUSINESS OVERVIEW: A 100% online licensed insurance agent with a focus on homeowners’ insurance and additional offerings in auto insurance. Nsure gives a user the ability to compare and purchase policies from top insurance companies with no intrusive phone calls.

WHY WE DID IT: To solve the initial CAC funding gap while Nsure continues to drive profitability and obtain its next round of equity funding to further market share gains.

Our Management Team

ECHO has a seasoned team with a deep industry knowledge and track record of success. Our history in credit and risk underwriting is underpinned by a disciplined process honed over many years and economic cycles.

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