About ECHO

Unique Financing Approach

Our unique approach to financing allows for efficient solutions in situations involving: collateral or structural complexity, confidentiality, speed of execution, and sizing, that is challenging for the traditional capital markets.

Customized Credit Solutions

ECHO works with borrowers who place a premium on customized credit solutions, speed of execution and privacy. ECHO’s alternative is highly-desired by businesses that do not fit traditional options.

Win/Win Solutions

ECHO’s platform is designed to generate win/win solutions in partnership with issuing clients, while maintaining attractive risk adjusted returns for our capital base.

Our Management Team

ECHO has a seasoned team with a deep industry knowledge and track record of success. Our history in credit and risk underwriting is underpinned by a disciplined process honed over many years and economic cycles.

Our Process

ECHO’s platform is ideally suited for structuring solutions tailored to the needs of clients and capital in a market with an increasingly zero-sum game attitude amongst lenders and borrowers.