Management Team

The ECHO management team have comprehensive and complementary experience in credit and insurance underwriting, structuring, investment banking, corporate finance, and debt restructuring. The firm’s principals have a long history of working together at leading global financial firms.

David Eklund

Managing Partner

David Eklund

Reinsurance executive with 25+ years of leadership in (re)insurance underwriting and structuring with:

  • Decades of executive experience in the (re)insurance marketplace.
  • Experience launching and managing innovative insurance strategies.
  • Well-documented and repeated track record of commercial success.

David brings a deep knowledge of insurance and reinsurance underwriting, as well as business management and leadership.

Before founding ECHO, David had a number of other key positions in the insurance/reinsurance industry:

  • Founder and Chairman of Aeolus Reinsurance (Private Sale Exit)
  • Founder of Aeolus Capital Management (Private Sale Exit)
  • Founding member, President, and Chief Underwriting Officer of Renaissance Reinsurance (Public Listing Exit)
  • President and Chief Underwriting Officer of both Top Layer Re and Da Vinci Re
  • Treaty Underwriting Manager at Berkshire Hathaway

David earned a B.A. in Economics from the College of William & Mary.

Eric Hirschberg

Managing Partner

Eric Hirschberg

Capital markets professional with 25+ years in alternatives, banking, and insurance with:

  • Extensive sourcing and deal experience.
  • Extensive experience modeling and implementing insurance products.
  • A well-documented and repeated track record of commercial success.

Eric has a long history of innovation, business development, and leadership in capital markets and financial startups.

Before founding ECHO, Eric had a number of other key positions in the banking/financial services industry:

  • Director, PCS Division of Alex Brown and Deutsche Bank
  • Managing Partner of Orion Capital Management – insurance/reinsurance risk management. (Private Sale Exit)
  • Founder, Managing Partner of Anova Fund – ($2.5 BN gross exposure) capital returned within 2% of high-water mark
  • Managing Director, Ross Capital Markets – Bermuda-based macro- and fixed-income focused hedge fund
  • Director, Capital Markets Arbitrage at Fuji International Finance
  • VP, Global Index Arbitrage at Merrill Lynch

Eric earned a Masters in Statistics and Operations Research from NYU and an Interdisciplinary B.A. from the University of Delaware (White Science Fellow). He is published in Risk Management & Alternative Investments.

Patrick Miller

Managing Partner

Patrick Miller

Finance and accounting professional with 18+ years experience in financial structuring, alternative financing solutions, and Credit Underwriting with:

  • Extensive experience structuring in direct lending.
  • Qualifications as a certified management accountant with extensive experience in international corporate tax structuring.

Patrick has significant experience in global loan underwriting and risk restructuring across a broad range of assets and industries.

Before joining ECHO, Patrick had a number of other key positions in the banking/financial services industry:

  • Director, Deutsche Bank AG (NY) – Head of Structuring, North American Direct Lending
  • VP, Deutsche Bank AG (London) – Credit Structuring, Leader of Credit/Commodities Cooperation Initiative
  • Manager at Baxter Healthcare Co, Deloitte and Touche, and Tohmatsu Tax Co
  • Senior Staff, Arthur Andersen LLP – Client Relationship Liaison and International Tax Specialist

Patrick earned an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BBA in Accounting and Finance from The University of Wisconsin. He is a Certified Management Accountant (IMA), Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis (IMA), and a Certified Turnaround Analyst (TMA).

Annetta Cortez

Senior Risk Analyst

Annetta Cortez

Risk management specialist with 20+ years in both risk and capital management for financial institutions in global markets with:

  • Expertise designing structured lending solutions for major investment banks, insurers, financial institutions, governments, and regulatory authorities.
  • Subject expertise in development, implementation and support of capital efficient growth, return solutions and regulatory strategies.

Annetta has substantial institutional expertise in risk management and modelling in specialized and structured lending.

Before joining ECHO, Annetta held a number of other key positions in the banking/financial services industry:

  • Managing Director of ACT Consulting, an international financial institutions consultant
  • Managing Partner of Head of Performance and Risk Management, Financial Services Group, KPMG Consulting/Barents Group
  • Managing Director at Novantas
  • Principal at Oliver Wyman

Annetta earned an MBA from the Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester, and is a widely published author, including two books on Risk and Capital & Regulatory Management.

John Shook

Chief Operating Officer

John Shook

Capital markets professional with 25+ years of experience across all aspects of alternative investments an operational management.

John is a charterholder and former executive member of the London and Philadelphia chapters of Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts Association (CAIA®).

John brings an extensive range of operational skills from a number of highly successful asset managers and institutions.

Before joining ECHO, John held a number of other key positions in the banking/financial services industry:

  • Managing Director, President & CEO – Attalus Capital
  • Marketing Director / Business Manager – De Putron Fund Management / Bell Rock Capital Management
  • Principal, Asset Allocation Group / Managing Director – GLG Partners / GLG Multi-Manager Investments
  • Executive Director, Head of Capital Introductions / International Prime Brokerage Sales – Morgan Stanley
  • Vice President, Manager – International Stock Loan Sales / International Prime Brokerage – Merrill Lynch

John earned an MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of Management and a B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.